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 Because it’s knowing that you’re not alone, that you’re not the only one who’s going through the same situation on a day-to-day basis.’ (Young carer)


Top Tips if you are a young carer

You are not the ONLY one. You may not know another young carer, BUT there are hundreds of thousands of young carers (children and young people with with caring responsibilities) in the UK and many more young carers across the world.

It’s an amazing thing you are doing, but try to make sure it doesn’t impact on your own health and well being.

Try not to keep any worries or concerns to yourself. Try to share them with someone you trust.

In the UK, there is support for you. There are many support services for young carers and more and more schools, colleges and universities are offering young carers support.

Support can help you:

  • Realise you are NOT alone in being a young carer
  • Relax and reduce your stress
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Build your confidence
  • Understand about your situation

Local young carer services

There are around 300 ‘young carer services’ in the UK that provide dedicated support for young carers and families. Although they vary, ‘young carer services’ usually offer young carers a range of support including:

  • opportunities to have break from their caring responsibilities
  • opportunities to socialise, make friends and have fun
  • opportunities to meet and talk to others with similar experiences and to support each other
  • opportunities to talk with young carer workers about their issues and concerns
  • information, advice and advocacy
  • whole family support and support for parents
  • support with receiving a statutory assessment.

How do I find a local young carer service?

  • Use the map developed by The Children’s Society
  • Perhaps ask someone you trust at your school or college or your local community voluntary services
  • Search the Internet for ‘young carers and your location’


Listen to some young carers give their Top Tips about being a young carer: 2 minute film

Listen to some younger young carers talk about the support they have received: 4 minute film

Website and resources for young carers and families

In England, young carers have the right to an assessment of their needs, by their local authority.  Find out more: