Supporting Young Carers in School

Launched in 2010, this resource introduced the concept of a ‘whole school approach’ for identifying and supporting young carers across the UK. It was cited in Parliament and has been used widely nationally, providing schools with resources and models of practice to develop a framework to effectively identify and support young carers and their families. It drove forward practice with its principles and tools laying the foundations for the development of a range of other resources including the Young Carers in Schools Step-by-step Guide, toolkits for FE and HE and for training professionals.

This guidance and practical resource were based on research of practice being undertaken by young carers’ services and schools. 

Phelps, D, Leadbitter, H, Manzi D (2010), Supporting Young Carers: A Resource for Schools (The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and The Children’s Society).

supporting_young_carers: A resource for schools