The BIG Ask

The Children’s Commissioner for England has launched ‘a once in a generation “Beveridge Report for children” – an ambitious call to rebuild childhood after the Covid19. Let’s not miss this great opportunity to hear the voices of young carers:

As well focusing on the problems amplified by the Covid pandemic, it aims to ‘address the policy shortfalls that have held back the lives of many children for decades’.

‘The Big Ask’ consultation will take place after the Easter break through an online survey distributed to schools, posted on the Oak National Academy, and advertised via social media. It will be sent directly to youth custody organisations, CAMHS inpatient units and children’s homes and face-to-face interviews and focus groups will be conducted with children who are under-represented and harder to reach.

Young carers and ‘The Big Ask’

As others (@profsaulbecker @SYC_YoungCarers  @JohnBangs15) have highlighted, representation from #youngcarers is needed. We need to hear from all young carers yet the voice of numerous young carers has not been heard. Many young carers remain underrepresented, for example, those who have yet to be identified and supported by services and young carer projects. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear what they have to say about the challenges they face and their views about what will help them.

Let’s not miss this ‘once in a generation’ opportunity:

young carers can take part in focus groups and interviews

young carer projects encourage involvement from young carers

questions should illicit learning about caring and its impacts

subsequent phases of the Commission should consider young people with caring responsibilities


 ‘The Voices of Young Carers in Policy and Practice’ (article)

24th March 2021